Monday, February 10, 2014

Die Außenmarkt

Every Tuesday an outdoor market springs up just a short walk away from work. Even in the winter, you can pick up some fresh meat and fresh flowers while you're at it. I didn't buy a brat and fresh apple juice this time around but soon...soon. 

While I was there, I ran into some people I'd seen before...

Meet the Feils!

I arrived in Frankfurt a week after this lovely couple and they saw me through the worst of my jet lag. I work in public affairs for an internship and they work in public affairs for a missionhow neat is that? I can't wait until I can do the same. We've already got our mutually beneficial relationship all worked out: I help them attach files in Outlook and phrase Google searches to solve technical problems and they translate for me at the bank, give me rides, and help me take measurements for my wedding dress. Totally fair, right?

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