Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lessons learned — Buses and the jar of red stuff

Anne Frank's childhood home

1. I do, in fact, clean the kitchen when I live alone. I sometimes even clean my sheets, vacuum, and make my bed.

2. I desperately want to prove I'm an independent adult capable of living alone in a foreign country. But when I mess up, I'm really, really grateful for someone to callpreferably someone with a car, mandarin oranges, and chocolate. (True story. Some people are so overwhelmingly kind.)

3. Go to the opposite side of the street when catching the bus the opposite way. Also, buses do not wait.

4. Don't give money to every person who really, really needs just one more euro to pay for his train ticket, because by the end of the night, you'll be the one asking.

5. When shopping for spaghetti sauce, do not, I repeat DO NOT purchase a jar with red stuff in it and assume spaghetti sauce just looks a little different in Europe.

6. It's ok to graciously decline when a male acquaintance invites you to go for drinks.

7.  No matter the city or country in which I live, I can always find a pick-up game of volleyball with the local YSA group.

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