Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marburg - Guest Photographer!

Hey. It's me. The girl who didn't bring her camera on a day trip even though she knew she was going to a charming old university town. Luckily, photography is a hobby espoused by many and luckily, one of my travel companions, Les Feil, was armed and ready. 

Les, who I call Brother Feil, and his wife Dianne--Sister Feil--are the senior missionaries working in the public affairs office with me. Brother Feil is a former furniture salesman, and Sister Feil raised so many daughters I can't even remember the number. They have a lot of cute grand kids. They let me sneak in the car with them on the way to the lovely Marburg, and below are the featured photos of Leslie Feil. 

Quick history trivia: Marburg developed at the crossroad of two major medieval highways. It's the home to the oldest Protestant university in the world--shockingly named the University of Marburg-- founded in 1527. But the town has been around since 1140! The architecture's mainly Gothic because Marburg was completely neglected during the 18th century. The castle and cathedral are tucked up onto the hill, making it an ideal vantage point. The views were stunning! 

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