Monday, January 27, 2014

Sprechen sie Englisch?

Welcome to my new blog! About five times a day since I stepped off the plane from Philadelphia and onto the soil of Deutschland I've had the opening phrases of hypothetical posts running through my head. Even jet lag can't dampen my writer's compulsions.

I thought about...

A post about how I left the country less than two days after becoming engaged.
A post about how very, very gray Germany is in the winter.
A post about the day the sun came out.
A post about how Germany is not, in fact, a smaller America abroad; about how very illiterate I now am; about how everyone really does speak German (surprise!), and sometimes exclusively German.
A post about my incredible job and my incredible Church; about how much relationship building and technology advancing goes on behind the scenes.
A post about my fascinating, international coworkers.
A post about how jet lag really whacked me over the head.
A post about German yogurt. Because it's really, really good.

And much more.

So here I am, sitting in a small basement flat in a suburb of Frankfurt, a ring sparkling on my left hand, the last remains of some stubborn jet lag compressing my brain, and a million stories already waiting to be told. It's only been a week.

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